Why build your home with Barden?

Here are few reasons:

We specialize in rural and scattered lot building

Our unique custom building process was designed with scattered lot building in mind for an involved and discerning homeowner. Our experienced Independent Dealer team knows how to handle the unique logistics and potential obstacles you may face while building on your own lot or in a rural setting. With our expertise your project will stay on budget with minimal delays.


Design a true custom home that fits your budget and lifestyle


Our in house drafting services are available to all of our customers for a small deposit that goes toward the final purchase of our package. This is usually an up front cost of up to $10,000 with traditional building processes! Start with one of our plans, show us one that you like, or even sketch your own. You can feel free to customize a home that perfectly suits your budget and lifestyle. Building on your lot means that we can help you create a true custom design with no rules or restrictions on colors, finishes, or features.


Our process allows you to get involved as much or as little as you’d like


When building with Barden, you can choose to be your own general contractor, choose your own sub contractors, and distribute payments yourself to save money. Do-it-yourselfers can tackle jobs like painting or laying tile on their own to save even more! If a turn key home is what you want, our independent dealers can make all of the arrangements for you instead.


We have a higher standard


We pride ourselves in the quality of the walls and trusses we manufacture. The framing for our homes is built in a climate controlled facility, cut and assembled with laser precision using high grade lumber, and designed to a higher specification than our competitors. We also carry a full line of building products from national name brand suppliers who employ similar quality standards. Homes built with Barden are for those who care about their home and the people they welcome into it.