Custom Home Construction Process

How will we build your custom home?

The unique Barden Building Products process of building your home is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

Here’s what to expect while planning your project using Barden

barden building products PROCESS BLOCK 02.jpg

1) The first parts of the process are all about budgeting.

Upon meeting your dealer, discussions will involve your lot and which home design you’re interested in. The lot is very important in this discussion. Factors like elevation change and presence of utilities can drastically affect price and budget. After finding a lot and design that suites you, it will be your job to secure financing for your project.

Barden design phase.jpg

2) The next step is the design phase.

Working with your dealer you can modify your home design with our free in house design services to fit your needs and lifestyle by adding features or entire rooms until you are satisfied. When your design is complete and budget is finalized you will receive a set of final plans that can be submitted for a building permit.

Barden builder.jpg

3) Finally, the construction phase.

One perk of working with Barden is the flexibility we offer here. If you’d like a turn key house, you can choose any builder or general contractor you’d like to complete the project for you. If you’d like to save money and get involved you can choose to act as your own general contractor and hire your own subcontractors as you see fit. You can even tackle jobs like painting or tiling yourself to save even more!