Increase Real Estate Sales in WNY

Partner with Barden Building Products to increase sales on lot listings and vacant land.

As any real estate agent knows, it’s far easier to sell a house than it is to sell a vacant lot to a prospective homeowner. The truth is, realtors aren’t always armed with the right resources to sell vacant land.

Plus, it takes time, energy, and effort to tweak the selling process to be conducive with selling land rather than a home. After it’s all said and done, many realtors walk away feeling exhausted -- and wondering if the sale was worth the effort.

That’s where our team can help.

How Barden Can Help:

Financing Assistance

It’s no secret that houses can be financed easily, but land cannot. This is a major hurdle that real estate agents must conquer during the sales process. Acquiring the loans necessary to purchase land is much more arduous than when purchasing a house, which often deters buyers.

panel built financing guide

When bringing the Barden team on to help sell the lot and build the eventual home on the land, the land can be financed along with the construction loan -- saving the hassle and headache of the real estate agent and homeowner trying to finance the land separately.

Additionally, realtors can add the attractive “Financing Available” tag to the for sale signs on the land, causing buyers to take a second look rather than opt for a lot with an already existing home.

Licensed Real Estate Experience

Andrew Barden, of the Barden Building Products team, is a licensed real estate salesperson. His experience with real estate sales combined with expertise in the home building industry enable him to greatly assist realtors with lot sales.

Available for consultation at any time, Andrew can offer insight on the lot and development for real estate agents and potential homeowners.


Regions Served

In addition to the Western New York region, the Barden team is able to offer real estate sales assistance in the following areas:

Upstate NY




Western PA

And always growing!